POSTER // Pop Art

Poster to explain and show the Pop Art-movement I recreated Andy Warhol’s Cow-Wallpaper into my own version with a Lemur. Also, I recreated his Banana-Artwork into one with a Pineapple. BTEC 3, 2015  

POSTER // Dada

Poster to explain and show the DADA-movement, which started in Zurich, Switzerland, where I am from too ūüôā I made physical collages and combined them with DADA-related typefaces and put all together in a DADA-style. BTEC 3, 2015  


  BTEC 1 Award Final Project: 4 Book Covers for a special exhibition at V&A Museum  

CD COVER // Shelter by Emanuela Mathis

I designed the first album of Emanuela Mathis, a singer based in Switzerland. The brief was initially quite¬†vague but¬†we worked closely together in a step to step approach to get a final result, which shows her style of music with the design. From an initial scribble: I created a wide range of layouts from which […]

SOCIAL MEDIA // Tropical Beats

I create the Graphics for the monthly¬†radio show¬†of Tropical Beats. They use them for their social profiles on¬†Mixcloud¬†and