A colour walk in yellow

For many of us, after a long day of working (for someone else) or following other chores, it seem easier to just relax in front of the couch and consume some TV, Games or similar than really feed our creativity. But how do you feel after such an evening? Do you feel inspired? Happy and motivated? Very often the answer is no.

My mission with this post and my entire blog is to inspire you to make more and consume less. Personally, I find, that making things makes my heart sing. Finding inspiration can turn a grey day into a sunny day, at least for my soul!

During our last lockdown this winter it was such a grey day in our seaside village here in Portugal. I could have just turned my back to the outside world and start watching some series or junk-TV.
Instead, I decided to grab my camera and head outside. But I didn’t just go for a walk – no. I set myself a creative mission. I went on a colour walk and gave myself the colour Yellow. So I was only allowed to take pictures of yellow things.

Off I went and instantly I felt I had a purpose, to go out, to walk but mainly to find these yellow things around me.
This immediately changed how I looked around me and really made me conscious of my environment. Not like my usual walk along the beach, which can be nice, but I am not fully aware and my head is more in the clouds. But this colour walk brought me into the present and I got really into it.
I found yellow houses, yellow flowers, but also more details like a cheesy shopping window or a tiny restaurant-sign. Even boring things like written information started to become special, if itmatched my colour!

With this walk the colour walks were born! It inspires me to see my environment in a new light and I like to capture random things around me.

Some colour walk tips

When taking a picture you can think of the composition of the photo but also on the crop. How much of its surrounding do you want to be visible in the photo? What is the right position of the yellow element within your photo?
Some pictures tell a story, which only you might understand. My picture of the chairs for example, tells me that this was a strict lockdown. The restaurants weren’t open for two months! Whenever I see these yellow chairs it reminds me of this sad time.
It was sad but my colour walk brought me a moment of joy. And I hope it will do the same for you.

Did you like the ideas of a colour walk?
Let me know in the comments!